Draws & results

​​​​Goalkeeper Pool

If you require a Goalkeeper from the GK Pool, please complete this form.

Goalkeeper Pool Request

Lara Laurent is the contact person for the Pool.

Tech Official Duties

Duty team to supply 2 x tech official for assigned games.

Draw notes

The divisions have a differing number of teams. Each division must play a certain number of games to verse all teams the same number of times.

We have 18 weeks to complete this in, with some divisions requiring 18-20 rounds to play all teams equally. Additionally, WWCHA will be hosting the Under 14s Girls championship in May, and there will be a Women's full bye in July for Women's Masters.

To accommodate this, some divisions will be required to play make up games. The Competitions Panel and Club Delegates have decided to do so by using the 5pm/6.30pm timeslots on regular competition rounds or Sundays to play these games.

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